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Independent Medical Review

Have you been denied medical evaluations, diagnostics and treatment through the California workers’ compensation system? Is this a violation of the California Constitution? What is going on with workers’ compensation in California? Fortunately, the Law Office of Scott A. Schwartz has been able to navigate and effectively represent its clients; but, most honest attorneys on… Read More »

A Closer Look at California Work Related Death Benefits

I recently received a call from a mother residing in Lancaster, California, whose son lost his life while performing construction work in Los Angeles, California.  While my heart drops when I receive such calls, they also place me in a position to provide the legal support and advocacy to those deserving individuals, who, in large… Read More »

California Workers’ Compensation Death Benefits

California workers’ compensation law provides death benefits to individuals who are dependent and/or partially dependent on an individual who suffers a death on the job. A knowledgeable workers’ compensation attorney will be able to assist you in establishing your status to receive death benefits by evaluating whether you qualify as a dependent or partial dependent… Read More »

Are You Entitled to an Upward Adjustment to Life Pension Payments?

I’ve conversed with many individuals in receipt of lifetime pensions at temporary disability rates from the time of their injury per California workers’ compensation law. Recent changes to California workers’ compensation law provide that injured workers who are receiving workers’ compensation benefits in the form of lifetime pensions (aka “life pensions”) or permanent total disability… Read More »

California Construction Workers: Enough Injury and Death

California construction workers regularly lose their lives for their work. The death of a construction worker is something that few want to discuss but must clearly be addressed. California workers’ compensation law considers the devastating death of a construction worker that occurs in the course and scope of his or her duty a work related… Read More »

Temporary Disability Rates Set to Increase: How Much Will I Receive?

An on the job injury that prevents a California injured worker from continuing his or her customary work duties may entitle him or her to temporary disability payments under California workers’ compensation law. California workers’ compensation law provides that temporary disability payments are two-thirds of an individual’s gross income; temporary disability payments are not taxable…. Read More »

Workers’ Compensation Presumption Bill for Nurses: MRSA

California workers’ compensation law requires a nurse who develops methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus skin infections (MRSA) to prove that the infection was contracted at work. MRSA is a staph infection that does not respond to most antibiotics. As many as 78% of MRSA infections are contracted from health facility centers according to the the Centers for… Read More »